Let yourself be completely relieved.

Exploratory trip.

Let us completely relieve your worries and guide you during a three-day exploration trip. This is the best way to both view the offerings and discover the region. It is the feeling that counts and that can only be felt when you stand on the terrace of a house and say to your partner 'Honey, this is it'!

What does such an exploration trip look like?

DAY 1:

After we have picked you up from your morning flight at Alicante airport, we will drive along the coastal road to your accommodation and enjoy the landscape where we will spend the next few days.

In addition to the many nice places and pleasant terraces that we will visit, we will immediately start viewing homes. Which you communicated to us in terms of wishes and expectations during our conversation.

Every day we visit approximately four projects that meet your expectations. The feedback you give us that day will allow us to quickly sense in which direction we should look further. After an intensive day, we will take you back to the hotel in the evening before dinner time.

DAY 2:

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, the batteries are charged for a productive day during which we will explore the area with nice spots on the beach or a sight in a city. At your request, enjoy a nice terrace and/or restaurant to discuss the houses visited last day and that morning.

In the afternoon we visit 2 other projects so that we can view a total of 6 - 8 projects. In most cases, customers have already focused on one or more projects that they want to see that day. No problem, we will immediately head in that direction and visit the home that you want to see for a second time.

Once the buying becomes concrete, our close collaboration allows us to interact very quickly with the lawyer, building developer and notary.

DAY 3:

Depending on your flight time that day, we can fill the remaining time by walking into a furniture store/interior store where you can get inspiration for decorating your home, which also needs to be done when you are handed over the keys.

If there are other, specific things you would rather do or see, no problem, depending of course on the remaining time we have left.

And, who knows, after an intensive journey we might even take you back to the airport with the reservation contract in your suitcase.

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